{ Cotton&Steel Lucie: banners in the cold }

mardi 29 juillet 2014

 It is freezing outside. But I finished this new Lucie dress yesterday and really wanted to wear it today, anyway!! you can see my first version here.

BOn! on gèle dehors! il pleut non stop depuis 2 jours! Mais.. cette robe est finie depuis hier et je voulais absolument la mettre.. ben ... parce que c'est l'été quoi! Une nouvelle robe Lucie en Cotton&Steel.

This pattern really is the best for summer: the dress is oversized ans so so comfy. 

Comme je l'ai déjà dit: ce patron c'est une tuerie: c'est la robe parfaite pour l'été: tellement confortable, oversize, super quand il fait chaud... hmmm.

I am crazy in love with the new Cotton&Steel collection: this lawn print by Rashida Coleman Hale I bought from Hawthorne Threads is a must: it is so soft, yet it behaves really well during the sewing process:
Le tissu est une batiste toute douce de la nouvelle collection Cotton&Steel qui cartonne! ce tissu là en particulier est vraiment adorable et tout doux au toucher. 

The dress is fully lined with a black cotton lawn.
 I could not resist adding a little piping on the shoulders:
Et avec sa petite touche de passepoil framboise, je la trouve parfaite pour moi!

Both my kids ( 5 and 8!!) took the photos for me!! what do you think??! 
In other news: it has been raining for 2 days: so we are doing some preparation for the kids birthdays coming soon: a banner for the Harry Potter themed birthday for my boy: he cut the lightnings and glued all the bits and pieces:

Comme il pleut, il faut bien s'occuper! alors avec les petits nous préparons leurs fêtes d'anniversaire: une bannière pour le thème Harry Potter de mon fils: 

 and some horses jars spray painted in pink for my "horse and cow boys" themed birthday for my girl!
Et des post chevaux, peints en rose pour la fête "chevaux et cow boys" de ma fille!
We had fun really!!

What are you up to this summer? Do you have any sun? argh I wish we had some!


lundi 28 juillet 2014

« A mom who embraces beauty despite imperfection
 is a woman whose kids know she loves being a mom”
 Lysa TerKeurst – Am I messing up my kids? Chapter 23

 "Une mère qui est capable d'apprécier la beauté malgré l'imperfection est une femme dont les enfants savent qu'elle aime être mère". 
Lysa TerKeurst- "I am messing up my kids?"

It seems it took me a whole two weeks and a thorough Bible Study to do this summer right.
I am finally getting into it, into its slow rhythm. Finally accepting that I must not clame this time mine only.

 I am being very intentional about my attitude towards my motherhood, and I spend a lot of time thinking about "what kind of mother I want to be". 
I want ot be the kind of mother "whose kids know she loves being a mom". Full stop!

Bien- il semble qu'il m'ait fallu deux bonnes grosses semaines et pas mal de réflexion pour profiter enfin pleinement de ces vacances. 

This week-end, at the river, time was slow and time was good.
It was filled with the sound of splashing water and kids squealing in ecstasy at the cold water touching their feet and at heir Daddy having fun with them.
Ce week-end, à la rivière, le temps a ralenti, le temps passé était bon  

 As the sun caressed my daughter's crazy curls ...
Alors que le soleil embrasait les boucles folles de ma fille...
 as the water splashed my baby's legs and put a huge smile on his face...

Que l'eau éclaboussait les jambes de mon bébé et provoquait des vagues de rires incontrôlables en lui...
 As their Daddy laughed as much and they did....
Et que leur père- cet enfant, encore et toujours- riait autant qu'eux...
 I just sat there and wtached, enjoyed, let that moment soak into my heart.

Je n'ai pas bougé. Je suis restée là, assise, à laisser ces moments remplir tout mon être et entrer par tous les pores de ma peau.
Not wanting to be somewhere else, not wanting to be doing something else. 
And it felt great!

Je ne désirais rien de plus, rien de moins. Pour une fois je ne VOULAIS rien FAIRE d'autre. Et c'était bien!

August is upon us, dear friends and fun things will happen here on the blog. 
I have been quielty sewing in the evening and will soon unwrap the fun for you: I am to be part of 3 blog hops in august ! can't wait to share!

I will be back soon, tomorrow maybe, if the weather allows with a Cotton&Steel summer dress...

Août arrive, mes amis! et avec lui pas mal de posts sympas sur ce blog!! je vais faire partie de 3 blog hops en août et j'ai hâte de partager avec vous ce que j'ai cousu discrètement depuis quelques temps, le soir dans mon petit atelier.. 

ET demain, hmmmm.. si le temps le permet, je prendrai quelques photos de ma nouvelle robe d'été en Cotton&Steel. 

 In the meanwhile, I will leave this computer, go downstairs, sit on my comfy armchair in a similar position to my cat's- a philosopher, a wise being, a LIFE EXPERT!!

En attendant, permettez-moi de retrouver mon fauteuil club, et de prendre une position quasi-équivalente à celle prise par mon chat - ce philosophe, ce grand sage de la vie!!

{ My God Love story }

mercredi 23 juillet 2014

This is the second installment of Proverbs 31 ministries blog hop for the Bible Study "I am messing up my kids??" .

My love story with God is the typical love story: I met him, I left him and found him again!
He is my first love and will probably be my last one!

When I was very young , at about 7 or 8, I loved God and felt close to him.
I also remember I used to say that, when I grow up , I would either be a nun or  a crazy woman. 
What a strange thing to say for a kid, right? 
I now undertsand that I felt at the time that there was something in me, a gap, a hole, that nothing earthly could ever fill and that if I failed to  turn to God to fill it, I would remain empty and fall into madness. I felt that at the time, and I was only 8. 

{ Fabric for life.. so she says!}

mardi 22 juillet 2014

 You know the feeling, when you have ordered fabric, and you know it is coming in the post any day...
Now this is how I felt and even more as I was waiting for the most beautiful fabrics to come, some I have pre-ordered for what felt like ages!
This package from Hawthorne Threads arrived this morning: and oh my.........

Je viens de recevoir des tissus que j'attendais depuis longtemps , des beautés je vous dis. A vrai dire, ce sont pour moi les plus beaux tissus de ma collection! 
Mesdames, roulement de tambours pour les tissus Cotton&Steel!

Cotton&Steel is in da house , you people!! and it ROCKS!!!!!!! I also got the most beautiful bundle of solids... my cup runneth over!


dimanche 20 juillet 2014

Sundays are good: my husband is home, I can get some sewing done in the morning while he plays football with te kids.
Summer is now truly upon us: lots of play time, less Me time i.e. less sewing time. 
But in the evenings I manage to sew this pillow cover, my firts ever pillow cover.
Earlier this week , my dear friend Patty Sloniger, posted a photo of a quilt as you go block she was sewing, inspired by this tutorial. I was hooked! 

 I pulled out of my stash all the scraps from her collections that I had from a previous project and from a great envelop she sent me earlier this year. 
And I just had fun.

{ Being a mom is tough }

mercredi 16 juillet 2014

I am linking today to Proverbs 31ministries  .
I recently joined a Bible study group : It is something I never did before but the title caught my eye, and my heart.
We are working on Lysa Terkeust latest book : "I am messing up my kids?".
Great title , right?? And a question I ask myself about 100 times a month:!
SO yes, I thought, this Bible study is for me!!


lundi 14 juillet 2014

 If you follow me on Facebook, you might be aware that I am back into a quilting mood right now:!! I can't get enough.
There is something so relaxing and so rewarding in the whole quilting process... and unlike sewing garments, you don't have to worry about sizing and fit!!

SO! I finished my Bizzy Kid quilt! yay for me!  The pattern was made by Cluck Cluck sew and it is really great! Love it when it all goes smoothly!

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